Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Season Ender

Little man had a successful last game of the Season last night. He got to pitch.

DSC_1428 (2) DSC_1418 (2) DSC_1429 (2) DSC_1419 (2) DSC_1422 (2) DSC_1413 (2) DSC_1431 (2) DSC_1424 (2)
He got a homerun on his first at bat.
DSC_1455 (2) DSC_1439 (2) DSC_1443 (2) DSC_1444 (2) DSC_1447 (2) DSC_1448 (2)
He got to play center field.
DSC_1468 (2)
And he got to catch.  In other words, he played all 3 of his favorite positions.
DSC_1474 (2)
He got on base again (a walk and then hit by a pitch) and pinch ran for another player.
DSC_1457 (2) DSC_1458 (2)
They have a tournament coming up and then he'll be playing All Stars at some point this month - schedules aren't out yet. I am so proud of how well little man is doing - he is working hard during practice and enjoying the game!  His team finished 1st in their league this year :)

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Changing of the Seasons

Summer Break is finally here and there is a bit of emphasis placed on the finally part...  The beginning of June not only brought to an end the craziness of the last few weeks of school, but it also brought an end to our Spring Soccer Season.  Of course, it means that I will have a 5th grader and a 4th grader.  Where does the time go?

The first week of Summer Break was also supposed to mean ample dye time (which was what I needed since I'm behind on prepping for my upcoming vendor gig coming up in a few weeks) but our oven/stove (which has been limping along for quite some time now) finally keeled over and they can't deliver the new one until next week.  That has left me dye-less this past week which has been painful, but it has also allowed me to get a few other things caught up.  I still have a long way to go and I'm going to stop thinking about it now so my blood pressure doesn't rise too much ;)

Instead, let me show you some photos of little miss' last handful of games.  As you can see by some of the photos it can get a little intense at times... ;)

DSC_1135 (2) DSC_1141 (2) DSC_1151 (2) DSC_1177 (2) DSC_1184 (2) DSC_1197 (2) DSC_1232 (2) DSC_1235 (2) DSC_1291 (2) DSC_1313 (2) DSC_1352 (2)
We have been short on players for the last 3 games - we didn't even have any subs for 2 of them - so the girls got pretty gassed towards the end of the games.  Since both of our normal goalies were MIA for one reason or another little miss has been playing goalie as well.
DSC_1320 (2) DSC_1326 (2) DSC_1336 (2) DSC_1347 (2) DSC_1371 (2) DSC_1378 (2)
Success :)
DSC_1390 (2)
Things have been so busy lately I haven't managed to get a bunch of projects done but I have made a few sample socks and wove a shop scarf.  There are a few more projects left to make before I leave for Minnesota.

This is the Earthbound Misfit colorway on Merino/Nylon Superwash Sock - used the Hermione's Everyday Sock Pattern.

DSC_0938 (2)

Speaking of the Hermione's Everyday Sock pattern, I know I have mentioned before how utterly stunned I am at the number of projects listed on Raverly but this past week, it reached over 10,000 pairs. 10K Pairs People!!! That is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just checked - it's up to 10,054 pairs. You guys rock!

10000 hermione socks

Now then, back to shop samples. This is the Sprite Colorway on Merino/Nylon Superwash Sock. Just your standard plain vanilla with an Eye of Partridge heel flap.

DSC_1403 (2)

I love how different colorways can change so much when used in different ways. This is also the Sprite colorway but woven. The base was Superwash Merino 3ply and since this base has plenty of yardage to play with I made a very long and slightly wider scarf than normal - 76 warp ends and it measures close to 9 feet. It washed and dried ever-so-nicely and is lightweight, soft, and warm.

I even met a new friend during the photo shoot :)

DSC_1410 (2)

Little man's last game is this upcoming Tuesday so I will take more pictures of him then. Fingers crossed that my new stove arrives earlier rather than later on Monday so I can get to work. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Field Trip

Little man's class had a field trip to Living History Farms last week and I got to tag along.  I was surprised at how many students counted this field trip as their first trip to the Farms.  We didn't see everything but the sites we did see were a bit more interactive than we get on a random trip to the Farms so it all evens out in the end.  I was a bit bummed to find out that they moved the Ioway Indian area from the woods to an upper field closer to one of the other farms - that wooded trail was one of my favorite things about that portion of the experience...

In no particular order, here are some photos from our day.

DSC_0911 (2) DSC_0920 (2) DSC_0922 (2) DSC_0923 (2) DSC_0925 (2) DSC_0928 (2) DSC_0932 (2) DSC_0934 (2) DSC_0935 (2) DSC_0941 (2) DSC_0952 (2) DSC_0955 (2) DSC_0958 (2) DSC_0959 (2) DSC_0962 (2) DSC_0965 (2) DSC_0979 (2) DSC_0980 (2) DSC_0981 (2) DSC_0983 (2) DSC_0988 (2) DSC_0991 (2) DSC_0992 (2) DSC_1001 (2) DSC_1007 (2) DSC_1012 (2) DSC_1016 (2) DSC_1017 (2)